Sep 2021

Bolivia improves water management with the support of HydroBID

Between 2019 and 2020, the HydroBID Support Center (CeSH) and the Ministry of Environment and Water of Bolivia (MMAyA) published nine technical reports after training Bolivian technicians and academics in the use of HydroBID. These reports demonstrated the model's capacity for conducting useful simulations for the decision-making process of water resource management in La Chiquitanía region, La Paz and Katari rivers, among others.

Universities, governments, meteorological services, and water and sanitation service providers studied 14 basins of interest using our hydrological simulation tool. In addition to confirming the suitability of the model, the personnel also contributed to generating knowledge about the limitations of HydroBID. With this information, CeSH is actively improving the tool and providing feedback to the Community of Practice regarding its applications.

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