Mar 2023

Dialogue for sustainable water resources management in Latin America and the Caribbean

In February 2023, the HydroBID Community of Practice Meeting (ECOP) was held. This is an annual meeting, where 140 decision-makers, technicians, scientists, and academics from 20 countries gathered in Buenos Aires, Argentina, and shared innovative ways to apply HydroBID in the water management, energy, and transportation sectors.

Renowned international organizations, such as the World Meteorological Organization, had the podium to deliver several seminars to the attendees. Members of the Community of Practice shared the applications of the HydroBID WAM, HydroBID ALLOC, and HydroBID Flood models in Argentina, Colombia, Costa Rica, Peru, and other countries in the region. To conclude the three-day event, the Community of Practice helped chart a roadmap to improve the HydroBID models, as well as the interactions within the community.

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