Case Studies

Case Studies


Hydro-BID Application in the Rio Grande Basin, Argentina

This case study demonstrates the capabilities of the Hydro-BID water resource modeling tool in an application for the Upper Bermejo River in Northwestern Argentina. This report describes the steps used by a multi-disciplinary project team, working with local stakeholders and consultants, to assess the impact of climate change on a region already suffering from water scarcity and to evaluate possible adaptation options.
Read the technical note: Hydro-BID Case Study in Rio Grande Basin, Argentina

Hydro-BID Application in the Rio Piura, Peru

The Rio Piura basin in northern Peru has a drainage area of 7,000 km2 and is identified as highly vulnerable to climate change. The objective of this project was to prepare a hydrologic model of the Rio Piura basin and project stream flows in the basin for the period 2011–2060, under a limited set of climate change scenarios. This work served as a case study to demonstrate the use of Hydro-BID to enhance planning for integrated water resource management.

Read the technical note: Hydro-BID Case Study in Rio Piura, Peru